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Unleash the power of the Sun & never run out of power again!

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  • SolarPal 80 Folding Solar Panel – 80W

    SolarPal 80 Folding Solar Panel – 80W

    Sale! $169.00
    • ☀️ THE SUN WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN: Now you can charge all your gadgets and electronic devices on-the-go even if you are in the middle of nowhere with the AIMTOM premium 80W solar panel, which will make your outdoor adventures safer and easier.
    • 🔋 GET UP TO 60% MORE POWER FOR LESS: Our camping solar panel has the best efficiency rate in the market, which means it will re-charge your devices more efficiently than ever. No need to settle for low-quality solar panels anymore.
    • ⚡ HANDMADE USING THE BEST SOLAR CELLS: The AIMTOM solar power panel features USA-made SUNPOWER solar cells, which are not only the most reliable in the market but will also last longer and offer you better performance than other solar panels.
    • 🏕️ EMBARK ON YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE WITH CONFIDENCE: Whether you are planning a camping trip, hunting trip, backpacking adventure, fishing trip with your co-workers or a family trip to the beach, this multipurpose solar panel will make life easier.
    • 💻 ONE SOLAR PANEL FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES:Features one USB QC3.0, one 27W Type-C, one 18V DC port including DC-to-DC cable, MC-4 cable, DC-to-Clamp cable and 10-in-1 DC connector kits. Charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, action camera, drone, GPS, digital camera, video camera, portable power station, portable solar generator or any other camping accessory or device.
  • SolarPal 100 Folding Solar Panel

    SolarPal 100 Folding Solar Panel – 100W

    Sale! $219.00
    • HARNESS THE POWER OF THE SUN: Now you can finally use the endless energy of the sun to power all your devices. Convert solar energy into more photos, more music, and more games with the AIMTOM 100W solar panel.
    • IDEAL FOR OFF-GRID OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: SolarPal 100W is perfect for re-charging your solar generators for camping, hiking, backpacking, RV, hunting or fishing adventures.
    • CHARGE ALL YOUR MOBILE DEVICES: Features 2 USB ports (one is QC3.0), one DC port including DC-to-DC cable, MC4 cable, DC-to-Clamp cable and 10-in-1 DC connector kits.
    • MAX EFFICIENCY, HIGHER CONVERSION: Boasting fundamentally different and dramatically better solar cell which delivers unmatched reliability and allows us to build panels with the highest efficiency.
  • Folding Solar Panel

    SolarPal 60 Folding Solar Panel – 60W

    Sale! $139.00
    • HARNESS THE POWER OF THE SUN: takes advantage of the sun’s unlimited power and help you power up your laptop, iPhone, camera, wireless speaker, portable power station or solar generators.
    • 60W OF GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY POWER: enjoy unlimited, eco-friendly power no matter where you are with the portable and easy-to-transport solar panel which features 5V USB and 18V DC dual output.
    • NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY AGAIN: This premium, handmade solar charging panel will help you charge up to 2 devices at once thanks to its USB and DC outputs. Plus it is made of SunPower solar cells which has the highest efficiency of 22.2%.
    • CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES ON-THE-GO: The innovative safety functions make this folding solar power charger ideal for all your devices without worrying about over-charging or surge current.

Showing all 3 results