Who we are

Or, the people behind the AIMTOM products that put a smile on your face!

AIMTOM is a dream come true. A next generation of portable power, using the greenest energy.

We are engineers who are passionate about electronics and product design. We love to create products that are earth-friendly, portable, powerful and made for anyone to use, anywhere.

And we are leading the charge in developing products that will end the tyranny of gas and diesel.

AIMTOM’s partners and advisers

Derek, M. SC

  • Founder and CEO;
  • USA-certified energy manager(CEM);
  • Fortune 500 electrical companies in Kuala Lumpur; Toronto; Beijing.

Paul, P.Eng

  • Senior electrical engineer in Fortune 500 electrical companies.

Yi, P.Eng

  • Former leader of Amphibian Tractor Project;
  • Major Equipment Manufacturing Industry, the State Council of China;
  • Chief Engineer of CNOOC South China Sea Division.

Harry, CPA

  • CPA, independent director of energy resource company;
  • CEO and VP of capital management company.

Together, we create innovative products that mean you can have as much power as you need, anytime, anywhere! That smile on your face puts a smile on our face!