Welcome to AIMTOM

Or, welcome to an innovative world of portable renewable power!

We are committed to clean, renewable power, and to making power available to anyone, anywhere. So you can live, work and play. Anywhere. Anytime.

Power Stations

Lightweight, compact in size, recharge by solar, AC wall outlet or car port. No maintenance. No gas. No mess. No fuss.



Unleash the power of the Sun & never run out of power again!


Live, Work and Play
Anywhere. Anytime.


AIMTOM Specializes in Cutting-edge Portable Power Solutions.

Your sleep machine requires power to give you a safe and uninterrupted sleep. Your smartphone, laptop and digital camera all depend on batteries to keep you connected to your world. With AIMTOM, you will never again be limited by your lack of access to a power outlet.

Being Off-Grid Has Never Been So Easy

Our portable power stations use top-of-the-line technologies and can be charged using alternative sources of energy, including: solar panels; wall outlets, and car ports.

You will never run out of power again. Not when you’re camping or hiking or playing your favourite sport. Not when there’s a power outage, a severe weather event or an emergency. Never miss another important call, or that once-in-a-lifetime photo. Never miss out on posting that special moment on social media.

AIMTOM is Our Solution to Your Everyday Power Problems