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Or, how a bad camping experience is helping the planet.

An unserviced campsite on the Bruce Peninsula sparked the idea for a portable alternative power source that doesn’t have an engine, doesn’t run on gas, and doesn’t produce noise, fumes or pollution. That means when you want the peaceful quiet of nature, you can have it.

But when there’s no electricity, you can’t use your phone, tablet or laptop, not to mention the DVD player and projector you brought to watch movies.

That’s a camping experience no connected person wants.

Digital devices that need power — drones, digital cameras, tablets and personal medical devices – are now a big part of the way we do our business, leisure and play. We need to be able to use those devices when we’re away from our wall outlets. Or during a widespread power outage. Or an extreme weather event.

The solution? AIMTOM’s portable outdoor generator.

Lightweight, compact in size, requiring no maintenance, and using a solar panel to re-charge, the generator is the first in the AIMTOM stable of inspired alternative power. It has an internal power inverter providing a 110V Ac outlet powerful enough to run small appliances.

These portable power stations can hold charge for up to one year, once fully recharged. And it can be re-charged by solar panels, so we can be kind to the earth by reducing our use of fossil fuels.

No maintenance. No gas. No mess. No fuss.

A solar-powered generator is just the beginning. AIMTOM’s strength is in electronics and product design. Besides portable power, AIMTOM products also include:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Charger
  • Solar Powered Lights and Lanterns
  • Smart Battery Chargers

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Are you ready? Let’s go places with power.