PowerPal Power Bank 26800mAh 97Wh, 100W AC, QC 3.0 USB*2, 30W Type-C PD

Model: S268

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4.67 Rating (9 reviews)
  • ONE POWER STATION TO CHARGE THEM ALL: Features a 100W/120V AC outlet, which is compatible with all laptops, cameras, fans, small projectors, VCR’s, UAV’s, as well as 2-prong and 3-prong plugs
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY AGAIN: Support ultra-fast charging for your cell phones, smartphones and tablets, thanks to its 2 x Quick-Charge 3.0 USB-A ports and powerful 26800mAh capacity.
  • CHARGE YOUR MACBOOK LIKE A PRO: Supports bi-directional Type-C charging and can easily charge your MacBook or MacBook Pro, since it features 30W Type-C PD port with both fast and slow charge.
  • JUST LIKE CARRYING A MINI POWER PLANT WITH YOU: Recharge your S268 using an AC wall outlet, your car port, Type-C PD port even solar panels for maximum power on-the-go.
  • MAXIMUM SAFETY & PROTECTION: Features sophisticated Battery Management System that prevents short-circuit, over-voltage, over-temperature and over-charge.

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What Buyers are Saying

This is the powerbank for all your gadgets. I have been using this for about weeks now and this is a powerhouse. So powerful and reasonable size. Recommend to anyone looking to bring a portable plug wherever you need power.

- Joseifa Jahfergee

Power USB
Power USB

What Can S268 Power

Sick and tired of missing important business emails or calls, just because your cell phone’s battery gave up on you? Want to keep your laptop running no matter where you are? Looking for a heavy-duty portable power bank for all your electronic devices?

Now you can keep working, keep chatting with your friends, keep snapping pictures and playing your favorite games – no matter where you are – with the AIMTOM S268 Power Pal.

The 100W 120V AC, 30W Type-C (PD) and 18W USB-A (QuickCharge 3.0) outputs allow your power station to automatically adjust the power output and safely charge all your devices.

  • Smartphone 9+ Recharges
  • Camera 20+ Recharges
  • Lantern Light 20+ Hours
  • iPad Mini 4+ Recharges
  • USB Fan 20+ Recharges
  • Laptop 1+ Recharge
  • Headlamp 12-26 Recharges

4 Ways to Recharge

Recharge it Indoor, Outdoor or in Your Car

  • Wall Outlet
    Plug it into the wall. Fully recharges in about 7 hours.
  • Solar Panel
    Recharge from DC12-24V solar panel in a sunny day.
  • 12V Car Port
    Recharge while travelling from a car port.
  • Type-C PD Port
    Recharge using C type charger on its Type-C PD port.

Multi-Level Protection

Eco-Friendly Renewable Power Source

  • Over-charge
  • Short-circuit
  • Over-current
  • Over-power
  • Over-voltage
  • Over-temperature

Advanced Battery

Management System

  • Automatically
    Manages output, optimizes charging and discharging.
  • Safeguards
    Provides critical safeguards.
  • Easy to Carry
    Easily pack it in your backpack, hand bag, suitcase, carry-on bag or messenger bag, thanks to its ultra-slim build (7.3” x 6.4” x 1.6”) and premium aluminum finish.


  • Product Series: PowerPal
  • Model Number: S268
  • Weight: 2.43 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Dimensions: 7.3x 6.4x 1.6 in (18.7 x 16.3 x 4.1 cm)
  • Operating Temperature: 23~104°F (-5~-40°C)
  • Warranty: 12 Months


  • USB port (output): 2xQC3.0, 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A (18W Max)
  • AC outlet (output): 100V~120V, 60Hz, 100W Rated, 120W Peak
  • Charging port (input, 5.5x2.1mm): 12-24V, up to 2.0A

Type-C (output):

  • PD: 5V/3A, 12V/2A, 14.5V/2A, 20V/1.45A (60W max)
  • Non-PD: 5V/3A

Type-C (input):

  • PD: 5V/3A, 12V/2A, 14.5V/2A, 20V/1.45A (60W max)
  • Non-PD: 5V

Charge Times

  • Wall Charger: 5-8 hours
  • AIMTOM 60W ASP-60 Solar Panel: 5-7hours
  • 12V Car Port: 6-8 hours
  • Type-C PD Port: 5-8 hours

Battery Details

  • Cell Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Capacity: 97Wh, 26800mAh
  • Lifecycles: 500+ cycles
  • Shelf-life: Charge every 3-6 months
  • Battery Management System: Over-charge Protection, Over-discharge Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Over-power protection, Over-current Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What solar panel can I use to charge this power bank?

    Use DC 12V-24V solar panel to charge AIMTOM S268. We recommend AIMTOM ASP-60 solar panel.

  • Can I fly with it?

    Yes! It can be brought onto an airplane. AIMTOM S268 has a battery capacity of 97Wh. The commercial airliners have a maximum allowance of 100Wh.

  • Will this run a CPAP machine?

    Technically yes BUT its battery capacity is not big enough to run a CPAP machine for more than 3 hours. We recommend AIMTOM SPS-230 or SPS-300 for powering your CPAP.

  • Could it run a PS3 for a few hours?

    The AIMTOM S268’s AC output is 100W max, therefore it can power any device that is below 100 Watt.
    To calculate runtime roughly in this method:
    Runtime=97Wh/power of your device.
    For example, if your device is 30W AC, runtime= 97Wh/30W which is about 3 hours.

  • Are the two USB ports quick charge?

    Yes, the two USB ports feature Quick Charge 3.0 USB.

  • Does the Type-C port feature Power Delivery?

    Yes it features Type-C PD (power delivery) 30W. Devices can charge and discharge through the same Type-C port, allowing for faster and more flexible charging.

9 reviews for PowerPal Power Bank 26800mAh 97Wh, 100W AC, QC 3.0 USB*2, 30W Type-C PD

  1. Jeff

    I had a camping trip scheduled, but a report from work was needed the same week. The only thing holding me back was being able to put in a few hours of work on my laptop, so I decided to buy a battery backup and chose this unit on Amazon because it was small and eligible for Prime shipping. Very glad I did! It was small and light enough for me to include on a canoe/portage in my laptop case, and provided power enough for me to fully recharge my laptop when its battery died. More than that, after a full recharge it had enough power to keep my laptop and phone running long enough for me to back up my phone completely (it was damaged on the trip and I needed to back it up to save contents). It is very solidly built (metal case) and comes with a nice carrying bag as well.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE! I thought I had an issue with recharging, but it ended up being that I was using the incorrect charger (user error). Still, before this was determined Aimtom let me ship back the unit for free, helped me troubleshoot, and sent me a replacement before even determining the issue. They then even shipped me back the charger (not theirs!) that I had shipped them in error. Blown away by this service – their was nothing wrong with their unit but they STILL covered everything. Five+ Stars! The best customer service I have ever received for ANY product, bought on Amazon or no.

  2. Sylvie Bourassa

    This item is great! I am using it for my wildlife baby animal lunch box. I have a reptile heating pad in the bag and on top of that the nesting box for the baby (squirrel, bird, chipmunk, etc) then I plug in the heating pad into the power pack keeping my little guys warm at all times. It definitely lasting 2 days (24/7) plugged in but have not tested it longer then that bc when i am home i use the plug in there and i also have a car plug in too. The only thing is, i do find the item a bit heavy but other then that a great item!

  3. Jimmy K

    I like the sturdy, well built power bank. works great and a reasonable price.

  4. Sam

    Great. I recommend it.
    I am very satisfied. The product stopped working after a few months and soon after I sent info about its malfunction I was contacted to get it fixed.
    Quick customer service response and good interaction as my product was getting fixed. I now have it back and it’s in great working condition. I would recommend this product and company.

  5. GMP

    Livraison rapide
    Fait bien son travail.Pas de surprise.

  6. Robert Rowan

    Unit charges up quickly by wall plug; I use it mostly to recharge my laptop. It appears to recharge my laptop about 1.5 times

  7. John ewan

    Works great for cpap
    Works great for my cpap.Charges quickly. Also runs my lap top for hours.

  8. Carol

    Works as advertised.
    Lovely little product. Nice and compact. Easy to transport. Initially purchased this unit to power an LED floor lamp for my living room so that I didn’t have to run an electrical cord a long way across the floor to the wall outlet. But now will use it as an emergency power back up as well – for my cell phone and/or for a lamp when the power is out.

  9. Alex Franklin

    Works well.
    Does everything the description says it will do. Bought it for when we lose electricity but it hasn’t happened yet. Tested it though and was happy with the results.

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  • 1x AIMTOM 97Wh AC/DC Power Bank
  • 1x AC Wall Charger
  • 1x Car Charger
  • 1x Carry Case
  • 1x User Manual
Power Bank
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