Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations to charge and connect

The innovative AIMTOM Portable Power Station will keep your devices on while you are on the go. It is easy to recharge, easy to carry and easy to use. Designed for maximum battery life and durability, the portable power station provides peace of mind knowing that all your essential electronic devices will stay on while you are out and about.

Key Features of the AIMTOM Portable Power Station

  • Reliable power source that is durable and built to last
  • Rechargeable battery powered generator
  • Easily recharged by wall outlet, solar panel or car port
  • Equipped with AC outlets, DC ports, USB ports, 12V Car Port or Type-C port
    (Actual ports vary in different models)
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Versatile in its use and functionality including powering up smartphones, tablets, laptops and small appliances such as fans, mini-coolers and electric blankets
  • Enjoy peace and tranquility with this noiseless and fumeless generator
  • For your peace of mind we offer a one year AIMTOM warranty

AIMTOM Introducing PowerPal Series Portable Power Stations

1 Customer Reviews

Rebel 440 Power Station, 3x 110V/ 440W AC, USB-C PD 100W, Regulated 12V DC, 2x Fast Charging USB

440W AC Inverter delivers Pure Sine Wave, which is cleaner, smoother, quieter, and more reliable. 3 x 110V AC outlets are well-spaced so that you can fit three large plugs side-by-side. USB-C PD port charges devices up to 100W. More...


16 Customer Reviews

PowerPal X Portable Power Station 42000mAh 155Wh, 110V/ 100W AC, 12V DC*3, USB*3

LITHIUM PORTABLE POWER: 42000mAh 155Wh battery capacity, ideal for powering appliances at a campsite, a tailgate party, outdoor activity or home improvement projects. VERSATILE POWERING OPTIONS: One 110V/100W AC outlet, three 5V USB outputs, three 12V DC outputs.


9 Customer Reviews

PowerPal Power Bank 26800mAh 97Wh, 100W AC, QC 3.0 USB*2, 30W Type-C PD

ONE POWER STATION TO CHARGE THEM ALL: features a 100W/110V AC outlet, which is compatible with all laptops, cameras, fans, small projectors, VCR’s, UAV’s, as well as 2-prong and 3-prong plugs. NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY AGAIN: support ultra-fast charging...


Portable Power Station You Can Count on.

The AIMTOM PowerPal series portable power station will keep your gear running, indoors and out, with a variety of high-powered outputs, storage capacities, and multiples ways to recharge.With its large lithium battery capacity, and numerous connection possibilities, you can charge and recharge your devices, while you’re on the road, without the noise, fumes, or maintenance of a traditional gasoline-powered generator.

PowerPal X Portable Power Station

AIMTOM PowerPal Series Portable Power Station

The AIMTOM PowerPal Series Power Station, which has an IMMENSE power capacity, is ideal for powering appliances at a campsite, a tailgate party, home improvement projects or can provide vital back up power in case of a power outage.

Power up your laptop, stereo, CPAP or any other home appliances via the 110V/100W AC outlet. Use the USB outputs to charge your mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, GPS or action cameras while the 12V DC car port is perfect for car refrigerators, fans and more.


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Portable Power Stations

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Portable Power Stations

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Compare PowerPal Series Models

Rebel 440 PowerPal X PowerPal
Model Number SPS-440 SPS-155 S268
Rated Power 440W AC 100W AC 100W AC
Peak Power 800W AC 150W AC 120W AC
Battery Capacity 403Wh 155Wh, 42000mAh 97Wh, 26800mAh
Weight 10.3lbs 3.53 pounds 2.43 pounds

Explore Outdoors in the City and out in the Country.

Portable solar panels
Portable solar panels with power stations
Portable Power Stations
Portable Power Stations

Safety Instructions

  • Allow batteries to come to room temperature before charging
  • Never attempt to charge a battery in below freezing temperatures
  • Do not charge your device on soft surfaces, such as a couch or bed. Soft surfaces can trap heat around the battery
  • Use your battery charger in a place you can keep an eye on it in case it overheats
  • Use the charger that came with your device. If you need to buy or replace a charger, make sure the voltage and current are compatible with your device
  • Do not use uncertified chargers.
  • Do not allow children to install batteries
  • Always read and follow instructions on battery packaging
  • Batteries are not toys. Do not let children handle them
  • Do not allow children to take battery-operated items to bed. Burns and other injuries can occur if the batteries leak or overheat during the night
  • Do not leave battery-operated devices on your bed while you sleep, especially while charging
  • Do not attempt to repair a device containing a battery if it is not recommended by the manufacturer. Damage to a lithium-ion battery can result in hazards, such as overheating, fire or explosions
  • Store batteries in their original packaging and in a cool, dark place away from household chemicals
  • Store batteries away from medicine and food so that they are not swallowed by accident
  • Store batteries out of children‘s reach and sight
  • Use this unit in a well-ventilated area; never block the ventilation outlets
  • Never plug in devices that are over the power station’s rated wattage
  • Never get the power station wet

What Buyers are Saying

Shop Now AIMTOM PowerPal Series

1 Customer Reviews

Rebel 440 Power Station, 3x 110V/ 440W AC, USB-C PD 100W, Regulated 12V DC, 2x Fast Charging USB

16 Customer Reviews

PowerPal X Portable Power Station 42000mAh 155Wh, 110V/ 100W AC, 12V DC*3, USB*3

9 Customer Reviews

PowerPal Power Bank 26800mAh 97Wh, 100W AC, QC 3.0 USB*2, 30W Type-C PD

9 reviews for PowerPal Power Bank 26800mAh 97Wh, 100W AC, QC 3.0 USB*2, 30W Type-C PD

  1. Jeff

    I had a camping trip scheduled, but a report from work was needed the same week. The only thing holding me back was being able to put in a few hours of work on my laptop, so I decided to buy a battery backup and chose this unit on Amazon because it was small and eligible for Prime shipping. Very glad I did! It was small and light enough for me to include on a canoe/portage in my laptop case, and provided power enough for me to fully recharge my laptop when its battery died. More than that, after a full recharge it had enough power to keep my laptop and phone running long enough for me to back up my phone completely (it was damaged on the trip and I needed to back it up to save contents). It is very solidly built (metal case) and comes with a nice carrying bag as well.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE! I thought I had an issue with recharging, but it ended up being that I was using the incorrect charger (user error). Still, before this was determined Aimtom let me ship back the unit for free, helped me troubleshoot, and sent me a replacement before even determining the issue. They then even shipped me back the charger (not theirs!) that I had shipped them in error. Blown away by this service – their was nothing wrong with their unit but they STILL covered everything. Five+ Stars! The best customer service I have ever received for ANY product, bought on Amazon or no.

  2. Sylvie Bourassa

    This item is great! I am using it for my wildlife baby animal lunch box. I have a reptile heating pad in the bag and on top of that the nesting box for the baby (squirrel, bird, chipmunk, etc) then I plug in the heating pad into the power pack keeping my little guys warm at all times. It definitely lasting 2 days (24/7) plugged in but have not tested it longer then that bc when i am home i use the plug in there and i also have a car plug in too. The only thing is, i do find the item a bit heavy but other then that a great item!

  3. Jimmy K

    I like the sturdy, well built power bank. works great and a reasonable price.

  4. Sam

    Great. I recommend it.
    I am very satisfied. The product stopped working after a few months and soon after I sent info about its malfunction I was contacted to get it fixed.
    Quick customer service response and good interaction as my product was getting fixed. I now have it back and it’s in great working condition. I would recommend this product and company.

  5. GMP

    Livraison rapide
    Fait bien son travail.Pas de surprise.

  6. Robert Rowan

    Unit charges up quickly by wall plug; I use it mostly to recharge my laptop. It appears to recharge my laptop about 1.5 times

  7. John ewan

    Works great for cpap
    Works great for my cpap.Charges quickly. Also runs my lap top for hours.

  8. Carol

    Works as advertised.
    Lovely little product. Nice and compact. Easy to transport. Initially purchased this unit to power an LED floor lamp for my living room so that I didn’t have to run an electrical cord a long way across the floor to the wall outlet. But now will use it as an emergency power back up as well – for my cell phone and/or for a lamp when the power is out.

  9. Alex Franklin

    Works well.
    Does everything the description says it will do. Bought it for when we lose electricity but it hasn’t happened yet. Tested it though and was happy with the results.

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